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Jennifer has experience teaching many different movement styles from dance to yoga. For more information on services offered, reach out via the Contact page, or check out the descriptions below.

Contemporary and Modern Dance


A favorite of Jennifer's, classes are available in classic Modern dance (Horton, Graham), Contemporary dance, as well as a fusion of the styles which bridges the two. Jennifer has trained and performed with diverse and knowledgeable instructors of both styles, including Point B Dance Company in Lawrence, KS. Classes are both expressive and technical. 

Group Dance Styles


Jazz, Music Theatre, Tap, and Contemporary are social styles that are a blast to share with dance friends. Take advantage of Jennifer's Pop-Up Events and guest teaching events around NE Kansas.



Whether you need a stellar solo for an upcoming competition or a stunning group dance for your next recital, Jennifer offers custom-choreographed pieces for any age or experience level of performers. 



With a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training certification, Jennifer offers yoga classes from beginner to advanced.

Classical Ballet Training


Brush up on your technique with Ballet classes from Beginner to Advanced.

Power Yoga


Looking for a challenging instructor to bring your yoga to the next level? Jennifer has experience teaching stamina-building yoga sequences to stretch you to new limits, for small groups or individual lessons.

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