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Jennifer was born and raised in NE Kansas, where she continues to live and work as an artist and educator. An eclectic and widely trained individual, Jennifer grew up in theater and the arts. In her hometown of Topeka, KS, she took dance at DTSOD, performed in many shows at Helen Hocker Theater, and attended THS. She went to KU where she majored in Theatre and Dance, and went on to earn a MA specializing in Creative Writing from SNHU in 2022.

Upon graduating from KU in 2014, Walker worked in the performance and entertainment industry both onstage and off. She performed with Point B Dance Company as a principal ensemble member, and choreographed a handful for pieces for various shows and studios in the area. She has also worked as a theater technician at theaters including the Lawrence Arts Center, McCain Auditorium, and the Lied Center of Kansas. She has experience in stage management, designing and building sets and props, as well as technical directing and shop management.

Jennifer began her professional teaching career when she started teaching dance classes in 2013. Since then, she has taught a wide range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, and music theater, and she added yoga to her teaching repertoire in 2016 when she earned a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training certification from Omtree Shala. She has taught and subbed dance often around NE Kansas, and is currently offering private or small group instruction. In 2021, Jennifer became a full-time public school teacher for USD 501. She welcomes the opportunity to expand her teaching abilities.

Beyond dance and theater, Jennifer has interests in music, writing, and producing. A highly creative individual, she enjoys singing and playing piano at home, and writing poetry, short stories, and dreaming of the books she may write someday. She is also interesting in screenwriting, including incorporating dance into film. Since 2018, she has produced her own web-portfolio for experimental creative works, Dancing in the Void.

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